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On to Plan B



Well, we were so excited at the prospect of running and working in our shop, which was due to open mid-April. But then, we were notified on Friday that the Landlord is no longer willing to give the premises to charitable use and wants it back. These things are sent to try us!

But we’re not downhearted, and Plan B is to continue taking donated items and sell the larger items on eBay and the smaller items on market stalls or in pop up shops.

We’ve already had numerous donations and are very grateful for them. Our service users have been busy sorting and pricing the items and we’ve created our eBay shop, FreshFieldsStore ( This has been set up with eBay for Charity, and so any purchases made with PayPal can claim Gift Aid. Also, other sellers can choose to donate anything from 10% to 100% to our charity, and eBay will waive that percentage from their selling fees for the item.

We’re currently researching market days in the locality and hope to do our first some time after Easter.



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