We enable so that abilities shine brighter than disabilities

Training & Activities For Adults With Disabilities

Fresh Fields has poly tunnels, green houses, gardens and classrooms to cater for students and placements

Based in Burnley, Lancashire – Fresh Fields Enterprises Ltd has provided Horticulture training, employment skills, and workplace experience to adults with varying degrees of disability from around the North West for over 20 years.


Learn new skills

We provide a friendly and welcoming environment that’s designed to help those who may face barriers to learning and employment.

We consider each individual using a Person Centred approach to ensure that we offer a quality service which fits people’s needs and abilities.

We support adults in a horticulture setting to gain skills, continue learning, and have social interaction with their peers at a pace they are comfortable with, whatever their capabilities.

Individual assessments at enrollment with family and social workers, to ensure we meet each individual’s needs.

Meet new friends

Personal programmes of work based on individual’s capabilities and needs.


Regular assessment and feedback on progress with family and social workers.

A committed staff team who ensure everyone’s needs and learning styles are considered.

Training can be to gain formal qualifications or for social interaction & vocational learning, it can include:

  • Horticulture and Gardening
  • Recycling & reuse activities
  • Basic literacy & numeracy skills
  • Social skills towards greater independence


Fresh Fields provides a relaxed working environment

The facilities at Fresh Fields site, located on Cemetery Lane in Burnley, include greenhouses, polytunnels, raised bed growing areas, workshops, modern classrooms and equipment to support Service users learning. You are welcome to come and inspect them at any time and meet the staff and Service users.

People who could benefit by using Fresh Fields may have:

  • Learning and physical disabilities
  • Mental Health needs
  • Exclusion problems
  • Social problems

We operate an Equal Opportunities Policy with no restrictions on age, gender or race. Fresh Fields are keen to work with families and Social Services to provide the best possible support to individuals. Attendance can be a full or half a day.


A programme of current sessions where Fresh Fields could accommodate additional trainees, and details of session costs can be requested by contacting members of Fresh Field’s staff Monday to Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm.