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Grave Maintenance

grave repair
Let us tend to your loved ones grave

Respectful grave maintenance for Burnley Cemetery

The service is ideal for bereaved relatives and friends who cannot give the care and attention they would like because:

  • They live too far from the cemetery
  • They suffer from ill health or disability

We can:

  • Tidy the grave
  • Plant and tend flowers
  • Weed and keep the grave clean
  • Water the plants in dry weather
  • We will provide these services as you require. We will photograph the grave after we have tended to it, so you can see the work done by our team.

Please consider us for any Grave maintenance needs. Call 01282 832820 for a quote, or call in to see us when you visit Burnley Cemetery (click here for a map of our location).

To email us about this service please click here.