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Happy New Year

Well would you believe it…we’ve reached the end of another year, and didn’t it fly by? For the past few months every week we have been saying ‘we must publish a News Letter, and here it is at last.

2013 has been by far the busiest year to date with an additional eight students joining us. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome each one of them and their families to our Fresh fields community.



The Bike Club has had a few set backs this year, having been broken into several times and had bikes and tools stolen, but it takes more that that to get us down, so with a little perseverance and a helping hand from local business Network 3 we purchased 2 second hand tricycles enabling more club members to practice cycling.

It was a gorgeous sunny day when the press came to take photo’s and cover the cheque handover.




The Kitchen Club is now fully subscribed on both days, the classes are positively buzzing, so we are investigating starting a tea time club, anyone interested in joining please get in touch with your contact details, as we have started a waiting list. Those who take part prepare and cook a two course meal then sit down and enjoy eating it.

Those who attend the Kitchen Club have progressed so much over the last year; we

even tackled cooking a Christmas dinner, complete with all the trimmings.

Now that’s some achievement!



Glitter Club:

Another popular club which has had to increase the number of classes to satisfy the demand, we now run a club on Monday afternoons as well. Follow us on Facebook to see what we make!



Our delightful dancers showed off their skills by exhibiting a display at the Christmas Party. Everyone really enjoyed it including the dancers.


Some of the events the end of 2013 gave us:



We held a lantern procession up to the cemetery chapel to sing our carols this time, endeavouring to give the evening a special feel, before returning for pie and peas to warm us up.


Well! We all thought the Halloween Ghost Train trip was a resounding success, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, lots of spooky goings on and some spectacular costumes. Well done to everyone who dressed up and especially to those who won prises for best dressed costume.



CHRISTMAS PARTY: Celebrating the end of a fantastic year.

The Rosegrove Unity Club was packed to the rafters on the 20th December for our Christmas party. We had our Annual Awards ceremony where all the gardening students received a certificate. Mel N. was awarded this years Challenge Cup for most improved student of the year and David H was presented with The Kirkbride Cup in recognition his skills on a tricycle. Other merit certificates were awarded including Kim C for Team Leading skills as she was in charge of the Foot-Tapper’s dance presentation. A special mention must be made of Mr David W. who managed to sell raffle tickets which amounted to a staggering £145, well done David! Mr Blobby made an appearance for a photo opportunity and we’re pleased to say he behaved himself this year.

Well as they say “That’s all Folks….” But watch this space. 2014 hopefully will be an exciting year at Fresh Fields with lots of planning taking place to ensure we all get the best out of it We’re now all off to the Pantomime to see Cinderella.


Many, many thanks for all your continued support, here’s hoping for a great 2014 for us all. Gail and the team.

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