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Covid-19 update

Tuesday 17th March 2020

We are all very aware that Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a hot topic at the moment & there is understandable apprehension about the virus. It is hard to predict what might happen & any possible repercussions that could occur over the coming weeks & months.  We have been carefully monitoring updates from the website, Lancashire County Council, NHS & Public Health England, & acting on their guidance.

I want to reassure all our Service Users’ families & carers that we are working hard to have in place safe measures for our Service Users.  At the moment we are carrying on as normal, please continue to inform us of any absence, especially if it could be linked to suspected Coronavirus or contact with Coronavirus. Inform us immediately so we can respond appropriately.

Please do not attend if you develop

  • a new, dry cough
  • a temperature

We will continue to encourage everyone to wash their hands more often than usual as per PHE guidelines, also to help prevent & reduce the spread of germs we are making sure that everyone uses tissues to cover their mouths and nose, (or their sleeve if they don’t have a tissue to hand) then puts the tissue in the bin. Tissues are available throughout the site so they can follow this advice.

We are prioritising the cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, these are being cleaned with Anti-bacterial solution regularly, & cleaning has been increased throughout but especially in high traffic areas. We are discouraging any hand contact.

We are also aware that there are people that attend who have underlying health problems, & have chosen to self-isolate to limit their exposure, we support their decision and thank them for keeping us informed.

As the path of this virus develops we will adhere to any instruction nessacesry to keep our Service users & staff safe. Unfortunately we don’t have a crystal ball & we are literally issued with daily advice. I hope this communication both informs & reassures you that we are doing the upmost to make measured & appropriate decisions.  Current guidance is to remain open, with stringent measures in place.  Until we are informed otherwise we will continue to operate as normal, if we do need to close everyone will be informed via as many avenues as possible: telephone, email & on our Facebook page. Thank you for your continued support in this very unusual situation, we will continue to keep you all informed & up to date with any new developments.

Gail Harvey-Clapham   (Centre Manager)